2022 World Cup Betting: A Beginner’s Guide

There’s something about the World Cup that brings everybody together, football fans and non-football fans alike. It’s the most-viewed sporting event in the world for good reason, with over a billion people tuning in to the final across the globe in the 2018 final.

This year’s World Cup fixtures will kick off on Monday 21st November with the final taking place on Sunday 18th December. It feels so far away but we already can’t stop thinking about it!

After heartbreak in the Euros for England, we’ll be hoping to be back with a vengeance in Qatar later this year. The team looks just as good as ever with the likes of Raheem Sterling, Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden playing some of the best football of their lives. Plus, early England fixtures look doable with a group we can certainly win.

But will it be enough to topple the likes of Italy and Brazil? Only time will tell — but we have a few ideas as to how things might unfold that we’ll be covering later on.

No matter where you are in the world, or which country you’re rooting for, one way to make the World Cup even more exciting is with a bit of World Cup betting. And that’s why we’re here today. 

Stay tuned for the ultimate guide to 2022 World Cup Betting including how to find the best bookies, which markets to bet on and even a few tips from us regarding how we feel things might go down…

A Quick Guide to the World Cup

Before we can get started with World Cup betting, it’s important to have an idea of how the tournament actually works.

As mentioned, this year’s World Cup fixtures kick off on the 21st of November and they’ll start with the group stages. Who gets into these group stages has already been decided by World Cup qualifiers that took place earlier this year and last year.

There are a total of 32 teams competing in 8 groups of 4 for the 2022 World Cup. The first game, Netherlands vs Senegal takes place in Group A and then the groups will cycle through until each team has played the other three teams in their group.

The early England fixtures will therefore be the three teams in their group: Iran followed by USA and then either Wales, Scotland or Ukraine depending on who gets the final spot in the last knockout round of qualification.

Each win is worth three points and the top two teams at the end of the three matches will move onto a knockout stage. If teams are tied on points, goal difference will be the decider. 

A Brief History of the World Cup

The World Cup is run by the international association of football, FIFA. They were set up in 1904 but it took a little while longer for football to have enough popularity across the globe to begin a fully international football tournament.

As a result, the first World Cup took place in 1930. The hosts were Uruguay as they were one of the best international football teams at the time. They proved that by going on to win the competition. That being said, only 13 teams took part in this first ever World Cup event.

The team with the most World Cup titles to their name is Brazil with 5. But Germany is just one behind them and will certainly be one of the favourites to go level with them.

To date, England has won the World Cup just once, back in 1966 when they beat West Germany in an epic game that finished 4-2.

How to Find the Best World Cup Betting Sites

Before we get started on our predictions for 2022 World Cup betting, we’ll need to find a decent bookie to put our bets down with in the first place. If you don’t have one already, pay close attention to this section!

There are a few things a bookie needs to excel at in order to be worth our time or not. Here’s a quick look at some of the criteria you can judge a World Cup bookmaker on, to find out how good they are.

World Cup Betting Odds

Having decent World Cup betting odds is rule 101 for a sports bookmaker. The World Cup is the most popular event for betting in the world so bookies really have to get the odds right one this one!

For us players, good odds are essential. The bottom line is that the better the odds are, the more money we make when our bets come in. 

There are a few places where you can find out which bookie has the best 2022 World Cup odds. Odds comparison sites are a good place to go for this, but just remember that just because a bookie has good odds for one market, it doesn’t mean they’ll consistently have the best across the board!

Plenty of World Cup Markets

Having great odds isn’t much good if there aren’t many markets to bet on in the first place. We should be spoilt for choice in this sense, with plenty of specials as well!

A great way to find out how good a bookmaker’s World Cup betting markets are is just to head over to the site itself. There, you’ll be able to see exactly what can be bet on. We’ll look at what kind of markets you should expect to see later on in this article.

Sportsbook Bonuses

You can get even more out of online bookmakers if you participate in the bonuses they have to offer. Often, bookies will try to bring in new customers by offering free bets or free cash to play with. And us players can make the most out of that!

It’s important to note that not all bonuses are worth going for. Just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. Some bookie bonuses require you to meet a lot of terms and conditions, so make sure you read those before you jump in.

High-Quality Website and Mobile App

The whole betting experience will be a whole lot better if the website is good to use. Not only will a well-designed site make it easier to put your bets down, but if it’s aesthetically pleasing, it’ll just be more enjoyable.

There are bonus points available for online sportsbooks that have a mobile app. An app makes sports betting on the go a lot easier, and that can be essential if you like to place LIVE/in-play bets.

Customer Support

You might have never had the need for customer support at an online bookie before but when the time inevitably does come, you’re going to want to be able to get it quickly and at any hour of the day.

The best bookies will offer 24/7 live chat support so that you can reach out to an adviser when you have an issue with placing a bet, making a withdrawal or anything else on the site.

Which Markets to Bet On

Now you’re signed up with a bookie and ready to go, let’s find out what you can actually bet on for the World Cup fixtures. As we mentioned before, the best bookmakers will have a lot of choice for World Cup betting markets. Here’s a look at some examples of what you can expect when the markets are released later this year:

  • Tournament winner: one of the most popular bets for the World Cup is which country will win the tournament. 
  • Match winner: you can choose who you fancy to win each match on a game-by-game basis.
  • Number of yellow cards or corner kicks: why not take up a more niche market like the number of yellow cards dished out, or the amount of corner kicks taken in a match?
  • First goalscorer in a match: a fun lottery to take part in is picking which player will be first to score a goal in a game. 
  • Correct score: raise the stakes on a single match bet by correctly picking what the final score will be.

It’s also worth noting that you can combine World Cup betting markets under one bet in the form of an accumulator, also known as an ‘acca’ bet. With this type of bet, you’ll pick a selection of outcomes (e.g. different teams to win different matches) and if they all come in, you could win a big pool of cash.

Our Picks for the Tournament

With these markets in mind, here are some World Cup betting tips for you. We know this World Cup is going to be very close, but these are the predictions we would make early on.

Overall World Cup Winner: Brazil

It’s the big one. Who will take all the glory by winning the 2022 World Cup? There are so many teams in the mix with a whole lot of skill but right now, the bookie’s favourites are Brazil who are currently at 9/2 with Bet365.

And we hear it. They could well be the best team in the world! But it’s not going to be plain sailing by any stretch of the imagination…

The Other Finalist: England

According to Bet365, the two second-favourites for World Cup betting odds are England and France, both tied at 11/2. However, after England’s amazing success in Euro 2020, we think that they’ll make it to the final and perhaps go on to win the whole thing! 

But why not Italy? They did win the Euros after all. Well… they didn’t actually qualify. So, Italy certainly won’t be the subject of any World Cup betting.

The Dark Horse: Portugal

Don’t count Portugal out of the competition. This team is more than just Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s a lot of serious talent in this squad.

And they’ve been in dizzying form too. Beating both France and Spain in the Nations League was no easy feat. After results like that, the Portugal squad will be feeling very confident heading into the competition and we feel that their World Cup betting odds don’t quite reflect that.

At 12/1 they can definitely be considered an outside bet but we think this has to be worth a punt. It would take a bit of fortune for Portugal out of the way but 12/1 represents good value for us.

Golden Boot: Karim Benzema

Right now, we’re seeing peak form from two players who are arguably the best strikers in the world right now: Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandoski. Will it be either of these players who take home the prestigious top goalscorer award?

It seems unlikely for Lewandoski’s Poland to go too far in the competition even with him in the squad but France’s Benzema will be well worth looking at for World Cup betting odds. He’s only third-favourite at 12/1, but after some unbelievable Champions League performances lately, we’re backing him.

Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe are currently joint favourites at 8/1 a piece.

Some More World Cup Betting Tips

Knowing what to bet on is only part of the equation when it comes to taking on World Cup betting. There are certainly a few extra things to be aware of before you stake your first cash.

Here are some extra tips to keep an eye on while you bet:

  • Don’t stake any more money than you can afford to lose: the most important thing to remember when participating in World Cup betting (or any other form of gambling for that matter) is to only play within your means. If you’re worried about getting carried away, have someone check in with you or set reminders for yourself.
  • Bet based on the form: World Cup betting odds will naturally reflect form but the point is to stay away from just betting on the ‘big names’. There are a lot of teams exceeding expectations right now…
  • Don’t get too tempted by the cash out function: cashing out from a bet early can be very tempting if you begin to get worried that something in a result will change or you can’t wait for the last leg of your accumulator to come in. But don’t panic. Ride it out, as cashing out offers bad value a lot of the time. 

World Cup Betting Summary

There’s nothing quite like the World Cup. It’s the greatest sporting event on earth! And as viewers, we can make things even more exciting by having a punt on it from time to time. 

With this guide, you’ll have everything you need to know to make the most out of World Cup betting. Have fun, and good luck!

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