An Idiot's Guide to Bethard's Fantasy Sports


If you have been the butt of every single gag every Monday morning at the office because you have forcefully been initiated to Fantasy sports and have no clue what it’s all about, you are in the right place.

Whether it’s because you don’t know how to purchase chips or having difficulty picking a formidable team, this guide to Bethard’s Fantasy Sports will bring you up to speed on all the details.

As you read through, be sure of one thing; you won’t come across any complicated or sophisticated jargon. Take a few minutes and read our insights and before you know it, you’ll turn from being the focus of Monday morning banter to the go-to person for all information relating to Fantasy sports.

So, without further ado.

Bethard’s Fantasy Sports?

Let’s first understand what Bethard’s Fantasy is all about…it’s the game that puts you, the player, in the role of a fantasy sports manager. It covers a total of fourteen sporting events including football, hockey, basketball, cricket, tennis, American football, baseball, CS:GO, MMA, League of Legends, Motorsports and Handball.

Bethard’s Fantasy League Football

This is the bread and butter of BetHard fantasy sports. Any one active player on the website has probably ever indulged him/herself in Bethard’s Fantasy league football; and it’s not difficult to see why. It is fun, competitive and comes with different cash prizes for all.

You are required to pick a team constituting of real-life players and sit back as you watch them score points based on how they perform on the field in real life.

But picking the team or scoring points isn’t as easy and straightforward as it may sound – you will have to do some legwork.

Depending on the competition you choose to participate in, you’ll be given a budget of £100 million to spend on a team of fifteen (15) players. Just like any other fantasy sports, your team should have two goal keepers, five defenders, five midfield players and three forwards. You’ll only be able to play eleven (11) players per week. The remaining four players are automatic substitutions in case any one, two or three of the eleven players don’t play.

The eleven players will represent you each week and you will accumulate points through clean sheets, assists, goals and more. The competitions you can take part in range from domestic leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga to European competitions such as the Europa, UCL and Club World Cup. If you wish to show your skill in international competitions, Euros, World Cup, Copa America and CAF have all been included.

How Do I Score Fantasy Points?

Now that you are up to speed on what fantasy sports is all about, you will want to get to grips on how you can score points. And you’ll be happy to know it’s not difficult at all. Different leagues, tournaments and games use different systems to score points. Ensure you know how yours works.

Regardless of the competition you are playing in, players will score points for:

  • Playing a match. Those who start the match score more points than those who come in as substitutes
  • Scoring goals. This is self-explanatory. The more goals a player scores on the field in real life, the more points you earn in your team. You therefore need a player who is consistent and plays frequently in your team
  • Keep clean sheets. This affects both the defender(s) and goal keeper. Again, under this, it’s vital you pick players who are assured of starting more often in a match
  • Racking up assists. Different positions score differently under this. Defenders and goal keepers score the highest, followed by midfielders then forwards
  • Playing well. They say a good dog deserves a good bone and so do outstanding players on the field. This is a tough one, but any good performance on the field, such as clinching the MOTM award, winning the most tackles, scoring the highest numbers of tackles etc. etc. could win you more points.

But there’s a flip side…

You can also loose points…

Just like you can score points above, it’s easy for you to lose points. This is especially true if any of your players:

  • Gets carded. Whether it’s a yellow or red card, any card attracts a deduction in point(s) depending on the league you are playing.
  • Concede a goal. This will affect all on-field players besides the striker(s). Defenders and goalkeepers are the worst affected
  • Score own goal(s). Just like failing to keep a clean sheet, scoring an own goal will get points docked from your team

Which leads us nicely onto…

Mr Turtle’s Tips for Scoring More Points

There’s this particular school of thought that says you should be wary of people who don’t credit some of their success to either chance or luck. This also applies to fantasy football gaming. However, with rational thinking complimented by some luck or chance, your mates and other competitors won’t stand a chance.

So, every time you are playing Bethard’s Fantasy Sports, remember:

  • Avoid buying recent player bias. This means that you should stay away from what every other BetHard fantasy player is buying because the player had a good run in the last week
  • Never shy off to make a complete overhaul of your team if it’s not delivering points. Better yet, if the team is prone to injury, always take a risk and dock some points by making extra purchases
  • Never let your love for a particular team cloud your decision to pick a formidable team. If your team doesn’t have performers, avoid forcing them into the squad. Remember, it’s all about making those blokes who made fun of you look like armatures Monday morning.

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