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In the newest part of our betting guide we go over the art of rolling over your bonuses earned from different sports betting sites. This is not especially hard or nuclear physics. This article briefly explains how roll over your betting bonuses.

Rolling over bonuses – betting

The so-called bonus hunters and rollers have existed for as long as there has been online betting.

This phenomenon wouldn’t have surfaced unless it actually worked. It might seem hard to roll over your bonus money sometimes, but in the end it’s not nuclear physics and with a proper strategy in place you won’t have to worry about having empty pockets.

Next we’ll demonstrate a simply tactic of rolling over bonus money to new and up-coming bonus hunters.

Nowadays nearly all betting sites lure players to their sites in many different ways. Usually the main incentive is a deposit bonus, which offers extra money on top of your deposit. For example, when depositing 50£ you get an extra 50£ as a bonus.

However this leads to a play-through requirement, which depending on the firm is 5-10 times the size of your bonus on minimum odds of 2/5 – 1/1 depending on the site. At this point it seems significantly harder to actually profit on your bonus, but all is not lost.

Let’s use 10bet as an example, as they currently offer the easiest ways to roll over your bonuses. There is a 100% bonus on offer up to 100£ so with a hundred pound deposit you receive 200£ to bet with. This must be rolled over five times with minimum odds of 8/13.

Next you should make an account at a site called Betfair, from which we’ll begin to search for similar odds with 10bet. Through us you can also get a risk-free 20£ bet at Betfair!

After quickly prowling through the sites we settle on a bet: Torino-Cagliari 2.5 goals scored. We deposit 50£ so we get 50£ bonus money so a 100£ to bet with. 10bet offers odds of 11/10 which we place a 100£ on.

At Betfair they offer odds of 6/5, which we do too by making a deposit of 100£ and betting the same bet.

Next we offer the odds 6/5 at Betfair, so we’re basically betting that there’ll be under 2,5 goals scored. Therefore both sides of the bet have been insured. So that we can offer the bet, we must deposit 116£ that would cover our losses.

The possible outcomes are as follows:

If there is less than 2,5 goals scored in the Torino–Cagliari match, the bet offered at Betfair wins. So the win is:

- 100£ -5% commission so your account will have 195£ after the bet

- At 10bet we lose 100£ pounds at the same time, but you’ve still made 45£ of profit (195£-150£ starting deposits).

If there are more than 2,5 goals scored in Torino-Cagliari, you win with the bet you placed at 10bet.

So you win:

100£ x 11/10 = you have 208£ in your account. Meanwhile you lose 116£ at Betfair, so your balance is 208£-116£ = 92£. When you take your original 50£ deposit away, you’re still 42£ to the good

You have now rolled over 1/5 of your bonus, so you must complete the process until your bonus has been rolled over 5 times or until you win at Betfair, meaning that your capital has entirely been moved away from 10bet and your bonus has successfully been transformed into cash.

Rolling bonuses over in a nutshell:

1: You absolutely need an account at Betfair, create it here! 

2: Find as similar odds from Betfair and the site where your bonus is and bet the same amount on both sites!

3: If you win at Betfair, you’ve already successfully cashed your bonus!

4: When step 3 occurs, you can move on to the next bonus

5: If you win at the other site, just keep rolling over as before

In the best case scenario you can make up to 90£ of easy money from one bet with 10bet’s full 100£ bonus!

Here are the top 4 easiest betting and online casino bonuses to roll over currently on offer!

The easiest betting bonuses:

Number one: Bet365 – 100% up to 100 pounds

This is by far the best bonus on offer that is currently available. The playthrough requirement is only three times with minimum odds of 0.5/1, so rolling through should be quick. And the best part is, you can also get a 50£ mobile bonus with the same terms and conditions!

Number two: Bethard 100% up to 50£

At Bethard your bonus must be rolled over four times with minimum odds of 1/1. This means finding the right games to bet on will be slightly more time-consuming, but you have 30 days to accomplish this.

Number three: Guts 100% up to 100£

The play-through requirement is quintuple, but with minimum odds of only 0.5/1, this should be an easy task

Number four: 10Bet 100% up to 100£

At 10Bet the minimum roll-over requirement is also five times, but the minimum odds are a lowly 0.6/1. In addition to this you have as much as 90 days to roll over your bonus, so you can be very pragmatic with your betting choices.

The easiest casino bonuses to roll over

Number one: Unibet 200£ + other advantages

Unibet is one of the most trustworthy sites out there! The terms for the 200£ casino bonus are also pretty fair. The bonus must be rolled over 25 times in the casino games. This is a good offer compared to some of the casino bonuses out there.

Number two: Nordicbet – a four-part 520£ bonus

Nordic bet is offering bonus money for the first four deposits. For your first 20£ deposit you’ll be offered an easy 20x roll over requirement. In the rest of the deposits it’s a standard 35x. You should take advantage of at least the first deposit bonus. The starting package also offers 100 free spins!

Number three: Betsson 200% bonus

As a new customer you will receive a 200% bonus. Deposit 50£ and you can start playing with a bankroll of 150£. The bonus must be rolled over 35 times in the games of the casino. The requirements are at a standard level, but in terms of percentages the bonus is good.

Number four: ComeOn for 10 quid 50£ of gambling money

Deposit the minimum 10£ at ComeOn and you will receive 50£. This is a really good offer! The roll-over requirement is the casino standard of 35x (bonus only).

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