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Biathlon is one of the most exciting winter sports and is an extremely popular sport to watch in European homes. If you want a even more thrilling biathlon experience, you should definitely incorporate betting to it as well! a

We’ll give you a short guide get your betting career started. First we’ll go through the types of competition in biathlon followed by the ways on offer to place bets on this exciting winter sport!

Types of competitions:


In mixed relays the first thing a bettor should look at are the starting lists. Mixed relays aren’t the most respected forms of competition and many star names will be missing. Smaller countries often have only one or two top-level athletes, so for example if Finland’s missing Kaisa Mäkäräinen or Belarus is without Daria Domratsheva you cannot expect them to be anywhere near the podium places.

A bettor should look more to countries with many athletes performing at the top level. Skiing speed shouldn’t be appreciated too highly, as relays often have a large group skiing at the same pace for a short distance. The big differences come while shooting, so good shooters and big countries should be prioritized!


In sprints the winners tend more often than not to be the best skiers. With only two rounds of shooting, it’s not even possible to get too many penalties for missing. Besides skiing speed, shooting fast is also a must for success in a sprint. An athlete might hit all the targets but be too slow while doing it thus losing precious time on his/her rivals. 


The pursuit starts from the standings where the sprint ended. The winner is therefore often found high up in the sprint’s results. Fast skiers may be able to gain a lot of ground on their slower rivals, especially in women where the differences in skiing speed are larger than in the men.

Athletes with good ability to ski in a pack and with great competitive spirit often prevail in this gruelling format. Races often come down to the last shooting point, where nerves of steel are required.


In an individual race on miss is punished with a time penalty of one minute. This puts better shooters at a huge advantage and weaker shooters often fall behind early. In terms of betting, individual races are a nightmare with dozens of potential winners, especially in the men.

The best odds for individual races can be found in the form of H2H-bets (head-2-head), and betting on the more accurate shooter!

Mass start:

There are four shooting points in a mass start. However, the spirit of the race changes entirely when skiing in a long line of athletes. Weaker riflemen or women gain an advantage as the skiing speed is slower and with a competitive heart, it’s easier to keep up with eyes tightly fixed on the skier in front of you. In this format the established elite of biathlon come to the fore with surprises few and far between.

Types of biathlon betting:

Winner and TOP- 3:

Many betting companies and sites offer odds on the winner and the TOP-3 in a race. A TOP-3 bet means predicting if a certain athlete will make the podium in a race. is especially profound in biathlon betting with loads of great odds on offer for all the forms of biathlon!


Last but not least! H2H-bets are by far the best that betting on biathlon has to offer! In H2H-bets, you predict which athlete will finish higher in a race. This form of betting offers the best odds by far, as long as you’re familiar with the sport and the athlete’s form. Take note in particular on which athlete the competition format favours in addition to simple form, plus are there any other variables, for instance weather?

In our betting tips, we always try to find the best H2H-odds on offer for you to take advantage of, and after years of experience we’ve found that is clearly the best place to bet on biathlon!

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