Live Betting vs. Standard Betting


Live betting is a new addition to the online sports betting industry. It started with a handful of sportsbooks in 2002 but has quickly grown to become the most preferred method of betting. With hundreds of sporting events every day, there are plenty of live bets that you can place. But…before placing your live bets, here’s a guide to take you through all you need to know about live betting. It will come in handy especially if you are new to the sports betting phenomena.

What is Live Betting

Also known as in-play betting, live betting enables you to bet on any aspect of the sport as the event unfolds in real-time. Even though it’s one of the newest forms of betting, live betting has proven to be very popular. This is perhaps the reason why it is featured in almost all sporting events. Football, tennis, golf, horse racing, you name it, you will find live betting prominently featured. However, football, tennis and basketball are the three sports that prominently feature it!

Live betting is a thrilling and exciting sports betting feature. In sporting events such as football and tennis, where there are few stoppage times, in-play betting markets remain open throughout. The odds, however, fluctuate depending on how the events unfold. In tennis, where the action stops periodically, the in-play betting odds may be temporarily locked at the end of each set or round.

Regardless of the in-play bet you place, it is settled as soon as the event is concluded. This means that even if it’s after a minute or a few seconds, as long as your prediction is correct, your bet is a winner. This is one of the reasons why punters prefer betting through live betting.

In-Play Betting Markets: What Sportsbooks Offer You

Most of the live betting markets wouldn’t be possible with the traditional way of betting. This is because most of the markets offered remain relevant until the event is finished, and this depends on the sport you are wagering on. There are several markets to bet on across all sports. In football, for example, you can pick from up to 200 markets at the top betting sites. Some of the popular in-play betting markets in football include:

  • Asian line goal line 1
  • Over 1.5 match goals
  • Who will win the next corner
  • Both teams to score in the second half
  • Card in the next 10 minutes
  • Time for the second goal

During in-play betting, markets close and reopen as soon as they have happened. For example, if you are placing over 1.5 match goals in the 30th minute, and one goal is scored in the next 10 minutes, the odds for over 1.5 match goals decrease but the market remains relevant.  

Factors To Consider During Live Betting

Factors affecting live betting are different to those affecting pre-match betting. It’s therefore important you consider so many areas or factors before placing your bet. Different people have their different opinions but these are the ones that stand out. 

Odds' Volatility

In live betting, time is of essence and it is always elapsing. This, therefore, means certain outcomes increasingly become probable. The result is odds will shorten or lengthen quickly, eliminating the need to back forgone conclusions unless you are willing to go BIG and that a small bet on a very unlikely result could bring in a very huge profit.  

Steady Gains

There are two types of punters who use live betting. The careful ones will spread their monies across a wide range of almost sure-fire results, whose odds are short in order to record increased gains. This is usually done with the main aim of increasing their chances of winning more often and consequently increase their returns in the long run.

Over-Valued Odds

Then there are those who tend to get market(s) on a set of long odds, which they feel the bookie has over-valued. For such cases, the results may be less likely to happen, but when they come in, the rewards tend to be much bigger.

The Advantages of Live Betting – Why Go Live Today?

One of the many reasons why bettors prefer in-play betting is because they tend to offer better odds and high probability of happening. In several cases, live betting can offer you more value than what the same result would have offered in pre-match betting. Let’s have a quick look at one such scenario using actual odds.

A match between Barcelona and Valladolid was played on 05.04.2021, 22:00Hrs. The pre-match odds for the game were 1.14 (1) 8.60(X) and 18.01(2). From the odds, it’s clear that Barcelona is the favourites before the match kicks off. At half time, the match was still 0-0 and the odds were slightly higher – say at about 1.40 (from the in-game stats). At the 80th minute, the game was still 0-0 and the goal was only scored in the 90th minute.

Any player who had wagered before the start of the match and the one who had placed an in-play bet during the 80th minute will get different odds for the same outcome. The latter will definitely get a better deal than the first bettor thanks to live betting.

The same principle could be applied in tennis, when you have a stronger player going a set down or in golf where the favourite player might have had a poor first 18 holes but has three days to recoup. Basketball, horse racing, cricket and any other sport you can think of can have a similar occurrence and this is when live betting odds can rise and offer you decent value.

Additional advantages of live betting besides getting high value for your odds include:

  • In-play betting offers unmatched thrills and spills whereby you feel as if you are part of the sport when betting
  • When used alongside live streaming, you have a better analysis of the event. Consequently, you place bets from a more informed point of view
  • The increased number of bets and markets to bet on has enhanced the betting experience. This increased the chances of winning in your bet

When live betting was first introduced, it was viewed by many as a novelty. More than two decades later, it has become part and parcel of sports betting. When it comes to live betting, the odds change fast and new odds are introduced as compared to standard betting. Of course, this is the universal appeal of in-play betting. So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve prior experience betting at the shops or you are just starting, use this guide and tips the next time you “fancy a flutter”. What’s your favourite betting tip? Please share in the comment section below.


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