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Sports betting and online casino games surged during the COVID pandemic. From statistics, the online gambling niche is expected to grow to an astonishing $66.994 billion by 2025, up from $44.317 billion in 2019. While punters and casino players were largely hunkered down due to lockdowns during the pandemic, operators were able to bring certain services to their esteemed customers through innovative features. One such feature, which has been around for years but only got better during the pandemic, is live streaming.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming technology enables you to watch, create and share events in real time, much more like live TV. All that’s required of you to live stream is an internet enable device, like a tablet or smartphone, and a platform (like an app or a website) to live stream form.

In sports betting, live streaming is the same concept only that you get to stream sporting events from across the world from your device. Live streaming in sports betting was introduced to help players make an informed decision when placing their bets. You watch the event unfold in real time and decide what to bet on.

Different bookmakers offer live streaming services differently and it’s best you know what to look for in order to have the best experience possible.

How do You Stream Sports Online?

When you visit the top UK online casino, it should be relatively simple to sign up. Below are the steps you need to take for all forms of online casino gaming to create an account. Pick one of the recommended online casinos from our list and follow these steps:

  • Click on the sign up, create account o join now button
  • Provide the required information. Ensure all the information is 100% accurate to avoid your winnings being withheld during cashing out
  • Pick a password and username
  • Confirm you want to create an account
  • Log into your email address and click on the email confirmation link

To live stream any sport, proceed as follows:

  • Look for the button labelled “streaming”. Click on it to reveal all the available sporting events for streaming
  • Pick your sport to start streaming

Who Is Eligible To Watch The Live Streams?

It’s easy and straightforward, right? Not so fast. In order to live stream sporting events, there are conditions you have to meet.

Of course, one of the main conditions is to have an account with the sportsbook. You cannot stream if you don’t have an account with the site.

Once you have an account, there are those sites that require you to make a deposit. You don’t have to wager your hard-earned cash, provided you have money in your account, all the streams become available.

The deposit needs to have been made within the last 24 hours prior to watching the intended stream. But you don’t need to have any money to stream for some bookmakers. Bet365 and Unibet have a provision that allows you to stream provided you’ve wagered at least 50p or £1 within the past 24 hours.

Are the Live Streams In Real Time?

The live streams are as real as they can get. However, you should be wary of the small time delay on the streams. This delay is usually about 30 seconds for most of the top bookmakers on this page. There are brands that have a 45 seconds time delay, which is implemented to prevent any untoward bet being placed.

Where Can You Live Stream As You Bet Online?

When searching for the best UK bookmaker to live stream, it’s crucial that you take note of several things before creating an account. Not all bookmakers offer live streaming services and those that do, not all offer the same quality of service.

You want to ensure the streams are top quality as well as looking at the requirements for accessing the feed. Below are the top three features to look at when picking a bookmaker:

  • What is the quality of the live stream feed?
  • What are the live-stream requirements?
  • What sports are covered on their live stream?

Best Bookmaker for Quality of Live Stream: Unibet

If you are looking for a bookmaker with high quality streams, it’s hard to look further than Unibet. The live stream player is easy to use on it’s main platform and is high quality for all the sporting events. The ease of use and navigation extends to the Unibet App, which can be downloaded on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Best Bookmaker For Live-Stream Access: PaddyPower

If you are searching an online bookmaker with minimum requirements to watch live streams, then PaddyPower is the right brand for you. The platform has it’s own dedicated live stream channel, unlike other brands that outsource their services.

Best Bookmaker For A Variety Of Live-Stream Sports: Bet365

An industry trailblazer, UK’s Bet365 is one of the brands that’s leading in live streaming services. And one area they excel more than the other brands is in variety of sporting events it covers. There are more than 30 sporting events on the list, which range from the more popular ones such as Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Basketball to the more niche ones such as eSports and Snooker.

Another important feature that puts Bet365 ahead of it’s competitors is the variety of bonuses it attaches to its live streaming services. Big football matches – say a match between Arsenal and Manchester United – will have bonus cash for those who choose to stream and wager on it.

What Sports Can You Stream Online?

Bookmakers are continually looking to better and expand the number of sporting events that you can stream live. Initially, they only covered only the top and most popular sporting events. However, as technology improved, they now incorporate literally all their offering in their live streams. Here are some of the popular sports you can live stream online.

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Greyhound Racing
  • eSports
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Table Tennis
  • And much much more!

Advantages of Live Streaming

Like any aspect of online betting, live streaming can be benefitable but only if you implement it well. There are people who have used live streaming and don’t understand why people even use it in the first place. Such people, probably didn’t understand the basics of live streaming, which ended up costing them.

  • Better Judgement – thanks to live streaming, you don’t have to make any hasty decisions when fluttering. A player being sent off or getting injured can significantly change the course of the match. Under no pressure, you can use the live stream feature to see how the event will take course before placing your bet
  • Better Odds – this is especially true if you decide to use the live streaming feature with in-play betting. In-play betting changes the odds in real time depending on how events unfold in the match.
  • More Hedging Opportunities – Depending on how the two teams or competitors are fairing against each other, you can decide to wager on multiple outcomes. Hedging might guarantee you a win regardless of the outcome.

The only significant disadvantage of live streaming, just like any other streaming service, is that it consumes a lot of data. It is therefore recommended that you use your Wi-Fi to stream events. Also, ensure you have enough bandwidth to have continuous uninterrupted live streams.

Live Streaming Is Transforming How We Bet Online

Just like social media and streaming changed how we interact, online sports betting has been transformed by live streaming. Fluttering is now much more immersive, engaging and interesting. And this transformation is bound to continue as technology improves. Who knows, we could be seeing AR being incorporated in live streaming in the near future!


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