Martingale – A sure-fire way to successful betting?


For starters, we must state that we do not recommend this strategy in any shape or form: in a casino, conventional betting or even bingo. However, being one of the most common betting strategies, we’ll explain it shortly.

If you love gambling or are a fan of gambling strategies in general, there’s high chance you’ve probably heard of the popular Martingale system. Some refer to it as the martingale strategy. Regardless of how you’ve heard of it before, this is a popular strategy not only for roulette but also for many other forms of gambling. If you, therefore, bet on sports, roulette and other casino games, this Martingale betting system guide will serve you well. Read it carefully and understand it before placing your bet.

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Martingale Betting Strategy Summary

The martingale betting system was first used in France in the 18th century. This was the same time when roulette had just been invented and was being played widely. Generally speaking, the main aim or objective of the Martingale strategy is to cancel out any loss that you may have sustained when you land a big win. In theory, the Martingale strategy covers all the losses. This means you should be able to walk away from the table or your betting venture without having lost a dime. But in practice, it’s a little different. Want to know why? Let’s take you through the system expansively!

But before that…

A Brief History of One of the Oldest Strategy

The Martingale strategy dates from the mid-18th century. While most of the other strategies were formulated by players looking to beat the house, this one was a product of an English casino owner by the name of John Henry Martindale. It’s from his name that the Martingale strategy was derived from, though time has changed the spelling.

Why would a casino owner formulate a strategy that would easily bankrupt him? Well, tough times require innovative thinking.

His main objective was to encourage players to use it at his casino, which at that time was facing some financial crisis. As he believed that the house had a bigger advantage over the players, he encouraged them to keep doubling their bets. This way, they would easily go bust.

Despite being formulated in the 18th century, it took another century or so to become popular. A renowned gambler called John Wells utilized it to great effect at a casino in Monte Carlo. Starting his spree with 4,000 francs, he managed to turn it to a million francs after three days. During this process, he broke the bank thrice, and ultimately became the subject of a very popular song at that time. 

The Martingale strategy has over the years mutated and now has several variations in existence. The Great Martingale, the Anti Martingale and the ‘Shattered Martingale’ are all from the Martingale betting strategy.

How Does The Martingale Roulette Strategy Work?

The beauty of using the Martingale strategy lies in its pure simplicity. The model of the strategy is this: if you place a bet and win, you pocket the winnings and let the original bet ride. However, if the bet loses, you are expected to make a new bet and double the original bet (the one you lost). If you win, you have your original bet back plus a profit that’s equal to the original bet.

Bear this in mind, while using the Martingale betting system, you want to wager on something with even money odds – a 50/50 chance of winning. For instance, on a roulette table, Even/Odd, Black/Red and High/Low bets offer even money odds. If you choose to use the martingale system, it has to be on these bets. Otherwise, you don’t stand a chance of winning.

Let’s take a closer look at the example below to see how the Martingale system works:

  • You place a £10 bet on any one of the 50/50 bets above
  • If you’ve won, pocket your £10 in winnings. Return the £10 profit as a bet
  • If you lose the bet, you are now £10 down. For your next bet place a £20 bet. This way, if you score a win, you’ll recover the £10 lost and win an extra £10. If you win this bet, start all over the process.
  • Keep repeating the process

The Risks of the Martingale Roulette System

From the example above, each time you lose your bet, you have to double your bet on the next one. This means if you go on a long losing run, there’s a high serious risk of going broke. If you are using this strategy on a roulette table with limits, it means once you’ve hit the maximum, the jig is up and you’ll have to cut your losses.

To give you a more vivid picture as to how quickly losses can mount when using the Martingale strategy, look at this example. Let’s assume you’ve started with a £10 bet. If you lose eight bets in a row, your next bet will have to be £64,000 if you have to make a £10 profit. While there are some players who can place this bet at once on a roulette table, the average player can’t swing this type of money.

Does the Martingale Roulette System Really Work?

Well, from the examples above, you can see nice gains if you plan on using the Martingale system in the short term. However, you can easily wander into dangerous grounds if you quickly go on a short losing streak. So, the bottom line is the system can work in your favour until you’ve hit the feared losing streak.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used the Martingale betting system with any success? If not, what other system or strategy have you used before? Please let Mr Turtle know in the comment section below!  

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