Casino Guide For UK Players

Over the past few decades, we’ve witnessed an unparalleled progression in technology, which has resulted in industries and spaces that we never thought would exist! One such space is the online casino industry, which has caught up, and in some way, has surpassed the popularity of brick-and-mortar casinos. 

The biggest allure, undeniably, is the ability to play casino games from your comfort zone. Plenty of online casino games, 24/7 customer support services, safe and secure payment methods, live dealer games and mobile gaming are just some of the other perks of playing casino games online. 

While it may seem obvious about all these advantages, not every player is acquainted with them. If you are such a player, it’s crucial that you know about the benefits, as well as any information necessary to help you have a seamless experience. 

In this handy casino guide, we offer you precisely that. We explain everything from the history of online casinos, the games you can play online, the ins and outs of deposit and withdrawal methods, and give you some casino tips on how to pick the best brand online. 

Picking The Right Online Casino – What Factors Should You Consider?

Part of getting to grips with online casino sites is knowing the suitable game to play – ideally, those that are easy to master for beginners or something you may have tried before. But before going into details on the popular casino games to play, it’s crucial for a beginner to know the following things: 

Always Sign Up at A Registered and Certified Online Casino 

Certify that any operator you pick is registered and certified. This ensures that you are not going to be taken to the cleaners. Certified online casinos have to adhere to strict rules and regulations as per the license they hold. These rules and regulations revolve around ensuring you are offered a safe, secure and fair gaming experience. 

The UK Gambling Commission regulates UK based online casinos. Other regional regulatory bodies include The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the Government of Curacao, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and many others. 

As a rule of thumb, all genuine, regulated, and certified casinos online should have the seal of approval from the licensing or regulatory body. There should be a license number or link to the official licensing or regulatory body, usually located at the bottom of the casino page, which you can use to verify the legitimacy of the license. 

Check Out The Banking Services

Don’t confuse this with the actual banking services. In the online casino niche, when we talk about banking services, we are simply referring to the payment methods supported, how the payments are handled and anything that touches on money matters. 

Establish the payment providers that the online casino has partnered with to provide you with banking services. Top brands should include debit/credit cards, eWallets, mobile payments, pre-paid cards and cryptocurrencies. 

All these options should support the GBP as one of the currencies and process the transactions within the shortest time possible. Deposits are usually processed fast. On the other hand, withdrawals typically have lots of issues and complaints. The best online casinos in the UK should facilitate faster withdrawals. 

It’s Crucial to Have Fun While At It

Playing casino games is all about the entertainment value. Making some money on the way is just added advantage. Don’t take any form of online casino so seriously and solely as a source of making money. If you lose money playing a game, don’t chase your losses. Most importantly, don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose playing casino games online. 

Online Casino Games 

Casino games are at the core of any online gambling platform. Without them, there would be nothing like online casino entertainment. Traditionally, games were limited to a handful of slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, craps and sic bo. 

At the turn of the new millennium and advancement of technology, there are thousands of casino games that you can now play from the palm of your hands 24/7, thanks to mobile casinos. The most popular of these games remain to be slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and baccarat. Let us look into each category and see what to expect. 

Online Slots

There’s no denying that online slots are the most popular games among offline and online casino players. Playing these games doesn’t require any particular skill or strategy; they are easy to learn and are entertaining. 

While playing the games, there’s no time limit between your spins, which means less pressure on you as a player. Furthermore, they are usually one-play games, making them perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to interact with other players or dealers. 

Online slots are also very rewarding, just as they are entertaining. Thanks to different in-game bonus rounds and other features, you can win hundreds if not thousands or millions from a low bet. Wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins games, and megaways features, among others, ensure you are rewarded whilst you are having fun. 

Jackpot Slots

If you are a jackpot hunter looking for the next big payout, jackpot slots are the way to go. They offer you a life-changing prize, especially playing progressive games. Games such as Mega Moolah, Treasure Nile, Mega Fortune Dreams, Divine Fortune, Halls of God and many others have paid out millions in the past. 

The most notable win came in 2013 when a lucky British player won a staggering £13.2m jackpot from a 25p stake playing at Betway UK. Betway is a UK friendly casino with a reputation of offering cutting edge to Britons and other European players looking to have a good time playing casino games online. 


Play blackjack at online casinos and discover the thrill and excitement of this card game, which requires an element of strategic thinking and skill. Unlike the classic blackjack played at the brick-and-mortar casinos, online blackjack comes in many variations. These games differ in house edge and hands dealt, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for decent odds margins or fancy a challenge. 

Online blackjack is also one of the few games that you can influence the outcome of the hand played. With proper casino tips and strategies and a little wit, you have a high chance of influencing the outcome of your game. 


Online roulette introduces stylish and sophisticated fun offered by a game with a wheel of fortune and massive winning opportunities. Play the leisurely game of roulette at the online casinos and know why it has remained one of the most played games in centuries. It may have been named after the French minuscule for “little wheel”, but there’s nothing small about it.

Online, the game might be slightly slower as you must watch and wait for the wheel of fortune to dictate the final landing position on the ball, but they are much faster than the live games. The most significant advantage of the faster-paced version is that you can play several roulette games over a shorter period, bringing you more entertainment and more immense winning opportunities each time.

If you are a beginner, this game is highly recommended. Like online slots, it’s a fun and easy way to start placing your bets. Wager on black or red, odds or evens, columns or dozens, and you are almost at 50/50 to score a win. It’s 50/50 because if you land the ball on the 0 or 00, you don’t win anything. 

The more experienced players can, however, place the more sophisticated bets. Straight bets are, of course, the highest paying ones and can ensure you receive up to x35 your bet for a correct/accurate pick. 

Video Poker 

If you are not confident enough to play at a poker table, you should perhaps start playing video poker. Get to grips with the basics of the game, which are almost similar to poker. Know the value of poker hands and understand the game’s basic rules before switching to playing real money poker. 

Like the other games, video poker online comes in different formats. Play popular games such as Deuces and Joker Power Poker, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker and many others. 

Your objective is to form the highest possible hand value to win video poker. The game uses state of the art Random Number Generator software to ensure that all the cards dealt are done so fairly.  

Why is video poker popular among players? Besides the fact that it has easy to understand rules and style of play, video poker also offers a low house edge. Its house edge is lower than that of slots and roulette. You can make some money playing this game with a proper understanding of all the basic rules. 


If you’ve ever visited Macau, you will have played baccarat – it is perhaps the most played game in the former Portuguese colony, which is now part of China. And it’s not difficult to guess why the game is popular – it is an easy and fast card game with decent odds. Compared to other card games such as blackjack and baccarat, the house edge is relatively lower. 

While playing baccarat online, two (2) hands are dealt – one to the banker and the player. Three cards are dealt in total. However, unlike in blackjack, you must wager on either the banker or the player. If you are more daring or brave, you can also bet on a tie, which pays at odds of 8:1. 

How Do Online Casinos Determine Percentages? 

Generally speaking, brick-and-mortar casino players looking to shift online seem to be an innate suspicion. Many tend to doubt the accuracy of the games’ results. They think the results of the games are doctored to favour the casino. 

But in reality, online casino games are just as fair as land-based ones. When you compare the two, you realise they offer you a higher percentage than those you can play at the brick and casinos. 

Casino games online that are not of the live type are all at the mercy of RNGs (Random Number Generators). The RNG software generates millions of numbers, which correspond to game results. These numbers are constantly generated even when the game is not being played. 

The moment you hit the play button, one of the million numbers is randomly picked by the RNG software to correspond to an outcome. With hundreds of millions of numbers, it is difficult for even the most sophisticated code or strategy to predict the game’s outcome correctly. This is how fairness is achieved in online casino games. 

Casino Games For Mobile Play

Online casinos know that you love your mobile device, so don’t stress – whatever the size of your devices’ screen, you will be able to explore the casino games. Sign up at reputable UK online casinos and explore slots, table games, video poker, and other skill-based games for free. Switch to real money play once you have gained enough skill and feel confident to put some money in line. 

As experienced players, we’ve seen a lot in the iGaming industry and the early versions of mobile casino games. You’ll be surprised at the quality of sounds and graphics these days! Larger screens on smartphones are the new norm, and the internet has gotten fast, hasn’t it? Play the likes of Thunderstruck, Gonzo’s Quest, or cheeky Ted, and you’ll have an idea of how far things have come. 

The majority of the casino games today are “mobile-ready” and supercharged – which means you will be able to play these games from your device. Some of the older games, especially those released before the era of mobile casinos, may still be only accessible through PC. Still, they’ll soon be upgraded thanks to the innovative technology. 

Deposits And Withdrawals 

A critical feature of a reputable and respectable online casino is offering reliable payment services. Players should be able to quickly make deposits, play and win, and withdraw their winnings fast. 

To make all these possible, the online casino should support various payment methods. Players should be able to pick from at least thirty options, including popular ones like: 

  • Debit/credit cards 
  • eWallets 
  • Pre-paid cards 
  • Mobile payment methods 
  • Cryptocurrencies

Most of the deposits are usually processed in under five minutes – if not immediately. Some top-rated UK casinos online offer special deposit bonuses for specific payment methods. As for withdrawals, several factors affect how fast you get your winnings. Players who have completed the KYC verification procedure should withdraw the winnings instantly. However, there are exceptional cases where the casino may have to re-verify your identity before paying out the money as required by the law. 

When you make a withdrawal request, the winnings should be paid out through the same method you requested. There is an exception. Pre-paid cards are only used to make deposits. Therefore, withdrawals of winnings will have to be made using a different payment method.  

If you are not sure how to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies supported at the site, you can always contact the support team for help. Or you can visit the FAQ section, where you can find helpful casino tips on how to deposit and withdraw using crypto. 

Safety And Security – How Do Online Casinos Ensure Your Remain Safe?

The online casino has to ensure that you remain safe and secure at all times. You provide sensitive personal and financial information when you sign up at a casino. While at the casino, you’ll be sharing so much information between the casino’s server and your laptop/device. To ensure your safety is warranted at all times, online casinos have several measures put in place for you. 

The Use Of SSL Encryption Technology

The first on the list is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. If you look closely at the casino of your choice, you should see a small padlock next to the address bar. This means that all the data going into and out of the website is encrypted from end to end. It means no third party can hijack your gaming experience or interfere with how you are playing your games. 

Storage of Funds

As required by law, all online casinos should store players’ funds in a separate account to run their day-to-day operations. This is important and protects you as a player so that you won’t be affected if anything happens to the casino. 

What are the risks involved in signing up to an online casino that is not licensed?

  • You risk losing sensitive information to scammers. Your personal and financial information can be sold online and used for malicious activities. 
  • If you request your winnings, the online casino may decide not to payout. The worst part is that you don’t have anyone to turn to and arbitrate on your behalf, as the casino isn’t licensed or regulated.

That being said, it is your responsibility to sift through the terms and conditions before signing up with the online casino. Understand their bonus policy, withdrawal policy and most importantly, privacy policy.  

A Brief History of Online Casinos

Any form of gambling done online is referred to as online gambling. Slots, poker, table games, and sports betting are all categorised into online gambling. And the first-ever online gambling legislation came about in 1994. 

Antigua and Barbuda enacted the Free Trade & Processing Act, which allowed for the issuing of licenses allowing for the operations of online casinos and bookmakers.

After that, online casinos were designed and developed. Since the launch of the first brand, there have been thousands of casinos. Below is a quick breakdown of the history of new casinos sites from 1994 to date. 

  • 1994: Microgaming designs the first online casino software ever. They use software from Cryptologic to run their online casino 
  • 1995: InterCasino is designed. The online casino is fully powered by Cryptologic software
  • 1996: The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is founded. This becomes the first-ever online casino licensing body in the industry. Their formation opened the way for more casinos to be founded 
  • 1997: By the end of 1997, it was estimated that there were more than 300 casinos online
  • 2005: Playtech launches the first-ever mobile casino. This one revolutionises how casino games are played online. The push for live dealer games is also tried during this time
  • 2006: Live dealer games are fully functional. Ezugi is the company behind the first-ever fully developed live dealer casino. The same year, Evolution Gaming is birthed. A few years down the line, the company revolutionises how live dealer games are played
  • 2013-2017: Evolution Gaming launched a live dealer casino between these years, introducing the new concept of “Game Shows”. It brought all your favourite game shows to your device(s) so that you didn’t have to wait to watch them on the television on specific days. In 2013, the first-ever Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency casino was founded.
  • 2016: Virtual reality casinos were founded based on relatively primitive technology.
  • 2020 and moving forward: Today, we have more than 10,000 casinos online. Each of these casinos falls under any of the categories above and has diversified services. Also, the features are constantly being improved to have a much more immersive, fun and seamless experience. 

Online Casino Guide: Summary

Casino games such as roulette, video poker and slots offer the perfect way to familiarise yourself with the environment – both online and offline. Once you get to grips with all the basics and how to go about the platform/establishment, you can branch out to the likes of baccarat, craps or any other game that might interest you. 

To some players, the financial and social aspects of going to the land-based casinos are factors that stress them out and not the gaming experience. But this is not the case with online casino games, which offer you the perfect experience from the comfort of your home. To make it better, you can stream some of the games offered at the brick-and-mortar casinos from the comfort of your home. Play roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps and many others as if you were at the physical casino.

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