Blackjack strategy (part 1):


Online Blackjack is similar to blackjack played at a casino. The concept of the game does not change in any way when moving from local tables to online ones. This article will teach you how to play your blackjack hand properly in order to maximize your chances of winning. These instructions are suitable for both local and online tables.

You will be handed 6­8 cards from the deck. Betting limits vary depending on the size of the table and bets, from a single pound to possibly thousands of them. You'll be able to choose the stakes that fit your bankroll the best. We will talk more about betting in the second part of our article, now it's time to focus on what you should do to improve at blackjack – what to do while at the table, why, and how!

I assume you know the basics of blackjack since you are browsing our website. We want to make clear that the core idea of blackjack is not getting close to 21 – you just have to beat the dealer's hand. Everything in this article is based on that fact.

While playing blackjack, first of all you have to pay the ante. After that you can either take another card, split your hand or insurance. We recommend you to never insurance, as it's unwise strategically and mostly used only by players without the necessary gambling spirit for the game!

Playing blackjack is really simple. First of all you will check the dealer's cards, then make your decision depending on your own cards. We will ease that decision for you ­ right here, right now.

First of all we have to split your possible hands in to three different categories: the soft hands, hard hands and pairs.

1) A soft hand always includes an ace that is counted as 11, for example A,6 totals for Soft 17


2) A hard hand doesn't have an ace in it – or in the case it does, A is valued as 1. If the hand consists of three cards, it's considered a hard hand.

3) A pair means you are dealt two cards with the same value, for an example 6,6.

Before we go any further, let’s quickly go over the options that you have:

Calling ''Hit'': The dealer hands you another card

''Stand'': Tells the dealer you don't want to get another card

''Double down'': Means you will be handed one card – and only one. Calling Double down will double your stake, and either your winnings or losses.

''Split'': If you have a pair on the table, you can split the cards into two different stacks.

Splitting costs the amount of the ante. After splitting you can play against the dealer with two separate hands.

''Insurance'': If the dealer gets an ace, you have the ability to choose Insurance. You will bet against the dealer; will he get a blackjack or not? If he doesn't get a blackjack, you lose the bet. In case he gets a blackjack, you will win the bet, but lose your original bet. The insurance option is almost certain loss, so you should avoid it.

Time to get to the business!

Let’s examine all the possible situations you may face while playing blackjack. We will tell you the best option for every single hand, based on probability calculus. In the following tables the first upper row describes the dealer's hand, and the left sidebar yours. The table offers you a solution for every possible hand you may face.

Meanings of the markings on the tables:

A: Hit

J: Stay

T: Double Down

T/J: Double if possible, otherwise Stay.

If you have a Soft hand...


Remember, if you take another card, your hand will turn into a Hard one on a third card.

If you have a Hard hand...


If you have a pair...

Have you faced this situation before? Do you know when to Split and when to avoid it? Relax, with this table you don't have to worry about it. You should add this site to your Favourites ­bar to have the instructions always at hand, even if you're using your phone.

S: Split

J: Stay


The formula has many parts, and carrying a picture of it in your phone may not always be so practical. Luckily remembering a simple tip is enough: always split the AA­ and 8­8 ­pairs. Never split two Face Cards, or 5­5. Splitting a pair of Face Cards may seem alluring, but it's unwise since you will most likely end up in a situation that forces you to keep playing over 21.

In our next Blackjack article we will go deeper into the betting. However, you can start getting familiar with blackjack in different casinos. You can find our inclusive list from here– our bonuses will help you to get going!


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