Test Sails of Gold for free and get both bonuses and free spins!

In the Sails of Gold -game you travel with the armada of Christopher Columbus in search of the new world! Along the journey you can strive to find amazing treasures of gold, as one spin could lead to a win of a staggering 250 000 coins.

The game's story happens in the year of 1492, when the known world was constantly expanding. Join Columbus, the famous Italian explorer and lift up your anchors. 

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All you have on your ship is a compass, a telescope, and belief in where you are sailing. Your destination may be far away, but eventually you will find dry land to step on. 

The most popular game out of Play 'N GO's new creations, the casino game Sails of Gold replicates the epic adventure to which Columbus led his men all those years ago. The game features symbols of the era which determine the size of your win. The video slot succeeds in creating a nice renaissance-era atmosphere.


Players don't need to be expert sailors or masters of the sea to play this game and search for the riches it has to offer. The game is made  up of simple pieces and is both fun and easy to play!

The game features a total of five reels and 10 pay-lines. You can change the size of your wager between 1-5 coins, while coins can be worth between £0.01-£1.00. This means the minimum wager of the game is £0.10 and the maximum wager for one spin is £50.

You can play with micro stakes (£0.10) and the main prize is still worth a tasty £2500. This makes PNG's game one of the best slot games online for even rookie players.


The game features the following picture symbols: Columbus, Coat of Arms, Jewel and Compass. In addition there are also the basic symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, which are naturally the strongest cards in a deck.

In this games the cards aren't worth much. Even five of the same gives you a win of "only" 150x your wager, which is £1.50 with a wager of £0.10.

The strongest symbols are therefore compass, jewel, coat of arms and Columbus. All will grant you big wins, as even just two Columbus-symbols will give you a win of 10x your wager. Five of the same will give you a win of 5000x! In addition, Columbus is also the wild-symbol of the game and can be substituted for any other symbol. 

The special symbol is Columbus' ship, which works as a Scatter-symbol and gives bonus -free spins. 


The game's payout percentage is fairly nice: 96.25%. In addition, the game also has a double or nothing -feature, where your payout percentage is exactly 100%! This means you can try to double your winnings, which is almost always worthwhile. You can try out either the standard or quadruple double-up. The Quadruple option gives you four different choices, but if you choose the right one, you will quadruple your winnings!


Like all Play 'N GO games, Sails of Gold also functions perfectly will on mobile devices.


Modern casino games are often full to the brim with all kinds of bonus options. Net Entertainment have gone completely overboard in this aspect, as their new games almost always have something extra spinning. However, these special features rarely bring about any bigger wins.

This is why it is nice to find that things have remained sane when it comes to this game. There are only a couple of special features, they are simple and represent a more conservative old-time atmosphere in the game.

The Columbus-symbol is the game's WILD-symbol, meaning that it can be substituted for all other symbols in the game. If you get three Scatter-symbols (the ship) in the game, you will get to the free spins! There are 10 free spins, and during them you will often end up winning a lot!

The third and best special feature is DOUBLE OR NOTHING. This essentially means can try to double or even quadruple all of your winnings you get with one spin. In Sails of Gold you can double your winnings up to 250 000 coins. For example, with a wager of £0.10 you can try and double your winnings up to £2500.


There are several campaign weeks at online casinos where free spins on Sails of Gold can be found. Luckily, these campaigns also include existing players! The other side of the coin in this is that new players can rarely get free spins on Sails of Gold. You can instead get the best casino bonuses and use them on this game.


A pleasant online casino game with a twist! Playing the same games from Net Entertainment year after year can be exhausting, and this game is a real breath of fresh air!


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