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Welcome to, your one-stop-shop for trustworthy and honest online gambling advice. The content you will find here is written by experts who have been in this industry for decades. We know exactly what a great gambling site is made up of and we wish to share this knowledge with you.

By sticking to the guidelines found on this page, you should have the all-important information and access to tools that should help you to confidently decide if your chosen gambling site is secure. Don’t be shy to put in a little personal research time and conducting some independent study, because as far as your money is concerned, you want to ensure you are doing everything within your reach to secure your investment.

Choosing a Trusted Gambling Site

As with any kind of transaction online, you need to be aware of the security risks when money is on the line. Whether it’s a fiver, a score, a pony, or a grand, you need to ensure you are committing the money to a trusted site.

While the majority of the online gambling sites are regulated and offer a fair, even safe service, some don’t play by the rules. If you are playing at an online casino, the games should have a Random Number Generator (RNG) software. If it’s a betting site, the odds have to be fair and payouts need to be made promptly.

However, there are cases in the past where online casinos and games have been using corrupted software and program to cheat players and bettors. We don’t want you to fall victim to such, which is why we’ve highlighted what you should consider when making a selection of online gambling sites. This applies to online casinos, online bingo sites and bookmakers.

Trust Indicators

You should follow a set of trust indicators and procedures to ensure the site you are visiting is safe and secure. Some of these trust indicators and procedures include:

  • Visiting a site with a recognizable name or brand
  • Cross-checking to ensure the site uses the latest SSL encryption technology
  • Ensuring the site is a UK based brand and is regulated
  • The website has scooped at least a highly recognized award(s) in the industry

How does one get all this information? If you are new to online gambling, this could be a burning question. Well, the information should be readily available at the bottom of the page. If there’s no clear information in this section, visit the terms and conditions page. Here, you will find all the information regarding the casino, including the ownership and licensing details. Be sure to cross-check some of this information just to ensure it’s 100% accurate.

Player Liquidity

Online gambling sites know that the more an event has activities, be it a jackpot, or a free game, the more attractive it is to the other players. This, therefore, means that it is in the site’s interest to come up with a conducive, welcome, fun and enticing environment, which will attract players to it.

As with the case of social media and interactions online, more numbers cultivate confidence. A player is more likely to join a game or a sporting event with 1,000 participants than they will with ten or 50. The huge participation of players also means members trust the online gambling site.

Gambling Regulators

After the initial success of online gambling sites and a burst of unregulated platforms, there was a need for regulation. Several licensing bodies were formed to regulated the industry, ensuring players offered safe, secure and fair services. Some of the initial bodies, and which you should always consider include:

These are independent third-party bodies that check on the fairness of online casino games. They audit the Random Number Generator (RNG) software and ensure they work as they are required to.

Licensing Bodies

Regulators play a very important part in ensuring online gambling is always safe. But they don’t work along. They base some of their laws/requirements on laws already set in place by licensing bodies. These UK based licensing companies include the likes of:

All the licenses above are approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission under the 2005 Gambling Act. These licensing bodies are also required to ensure that gambling sites only serve patrons who are 18 years and above only. Furthermore, they are meant to safeguard the players' information and financial information provided.


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