Yggdrasil Gaming

As much as the online casino world is vast and has many types of games, sometimes you simply get bored. The games are not appealing anymore and you are considering walking away. Hold on for a second - before you do that, check Yggdrasil gaming!

This game provider might be new to the market, but that is what makes it special. Old gamers and new ones are hooked on Yggdrasil slots because they are always in step with the times!

You don’t just get slots in a Yggdrasil casino - jackpot and table games are present in their game portfolio too. Plus, add the dash of fun and you’ll never want to go to another provider.

In short, Yggdrasil gaming knows what the people want and it delivers! If you’re still not convinced, come with us, and see the power of Yggdrasil for yourself !

Top Yggdrasil casinos in the UK

Want to know what is the best Yggdrasil casino? Here is a list where you can find some:

How to find the best Yggdrasil casino: The Top Guide

Finding a Yggdrasil casino is not an arduous task. Like we mentioned, many gambling hubs today take Yggdrasil as one of their top providers. You can check our list above and see if your favourite casino has this provider’s games!

However, not all casinos have the same bonuses. So, a little research is bound to come up for you. If your preferred casino is not on our list, then try comparing some of the mentioned ones. 

Check their bonuses and promos and add them to some Yggdrasil games. Remember, Yggdrasil is always making new games so some casinos might need more time to hear the word and place their promos on this provider.

Nonetheless, any casino that opts in for this provider is sure to add juicy welcome bonuses or promos to any Yggdrasil online game.

The most popular Yggdrasil slots and casino games

As we said, you don’t just get slots here. You can choose some of the top casino games on the market!

In 2018, Yggdrasil decided to jump into the bingo world as well. But Yggdrasil slots and casino games remain their most wanted service!

Yggdrasil Slots

Slots are their forte. Yggdrasil gaming has around 70 slots and is committed to launching at least 1 new game every month. It is never-ending fun with this supplier!

Aside from the classic slots - of which the Joker series is the most remarkable with multipliers that go up to 10x the bet - there are also progressive slots. These are very popular with old and new players because they can bring big winnings. One player even managed to win £2,500,000 on a Yggdrasil slot!

What Yggdrasil is mostly known for are its video slots. The graphics on them make you feel as if you’re at the spot, spinning the reels! Some of their fantastic and most recent games include Frost Queen, 9K Yeti, Lilith’s Inferno, etc.

Yggdrasil casino games

There may not be as many as slot games, but Yggdrasil casino games are still promising an unforgettable time. Currently, there are 4 games, and each of them has life-like graphics and characters that are going to immerse you in their world!

Sonja Blackjack, Lucky Blackjack, and Dr Fortuno Blackjack are here to show you that classic casino games can bring unimaginable pleasure. Plus, this provider doesn’t stop here - they break into the roulette section too. Golden Chip Roulette is one of its most played games!

History of Yggdrasil Gaming

First, we have to make one thing clear - it’s “Igg-dra-sil”. The name for this company comes from Norse mythology. It represents a tree that was the centre of all worlds. 

And much like the strength the name bears, this provider is a powerhouse in the making for the gambling market. Even though it doesn’t have a long history, many casinos want to grab a piece of it. 

This Swedish provider was set up in 2013 by a former CEO of NetEnt, with a current address in Malta.

Plus, there are a few additional branches - Yggdrasil Gaming Sweden and Yggdrasil Gaming Polska. And it’s safe to assume that there will be more in the future! In 2016 it established its subsidiary - White Label Studios. 

You might wonder what made Yggdrasil jump so high even though it is fairly new to the market. It’s simple - they care for all of their customers. Yggdrasil games use a variety of promo tools and mechanics that are there to aid you in your gaming journey! 

Some include BRAG, GigaBlox, Splitz, and others. All of these mechanics have enabled Yggdrasil to make its products as good as video games and to convince players to stay more.

Plus, one of the best things about this provider is that they have their own development technology iSENSE, and use HTML5. This means that Yggdrasil games don’t need Flash or Java and can be accessed through your phone or tablet with one click!

Are Yggdrasil casinos safe?

Yggdrasil is one of the safest game providers on the market today. The reason behind this is their solidified background with many gambling licenses. 

Aside from the primary license they gained in 2014 by the Malta Gaming Authority, Yggdrasil gaming has acquired other licenses throughout the years. In 2016 it obtained a license from the UK, Romania, and Gibraltar. 

The UK Gambling Commission issued 3 licenses in total, of which the second one was surrendered but without any sanction tied to it. The third one is a copy of the first one, which allows safe delivery of their services.

The National Gambling Office of Romania issued 2 licenses, which are for producing and distributing games, and providing management and hosting of the platform. 

Yggdrasil gaming: summary

In a nutshell, Yggdrasil is one of the best and safest game providers in the world today. The multiple awards that it has obtained only speak of its high quality. Their games are catchy and the graphics are almost surreal. 

Yggdrasil gaming has just begun its journey and we are sure that its strong start will only lead to a stronger future. It is constantly offering new things to the market and many casinos recognize its potential.

So, if you are looking to add more fun to your gambling adventure, Yggdrasil is a safe bet!

Yggdrasil Gaming: FAQs

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