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No deposit poker bonuses, deposit poker bonuses, freerolls, loyalty points…with so many options to pick from, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. But despite the lack of a GPS, Mr Turtle is here to lead you in the right direction. So pack your bag, grab your camera (and a selfie stick, you’ll need it) and climb aboard – because Mr Turtle is taking you on a guided tour of the best online poker bonuses and promotions online!

A Little Background Information on Mr Turtle’s Poker Bonuses Tour

Even if this is your first time playing poker online, it’s easy to notice that it’s a highly competitive industry. There are plenty of operators and they all want you! Against this landscape, bonuses and promotions have emerged as the main way to draw new players and keep them engaged. While the variety of promotions and bonuses might seem overwhelming, the good news today is that they fall into three main categories. And on Mr Turtle’s poker bonuses tour, we are going to stop at each one of them.

First Stop – New Player Bonuses

Online poker sites are renowned for one thing – other than offering you poker games, they love bringing new players into the fold. Therefore, as we make our first stop, you are going to notice a number of promotions aimed at enticing new players to join their brands. There are several types of new player bonuses and they include the following:

No Deposit Bonuses

Some (but not all) online poker brands give new players a bit of a boost before they start playing. They offer a bit of bonus cash, which players can use even before making a deposit into their account. You’ll often see this type of bonus being referred to as a no deposit bonus or a new player bonus. Below are some points that you’ll notice about this first exceptional tourist landmark we’ve encountered:

  • This bonus can be claimed by simply signing up at the online poker site and providing basic information – no deposit is required
  • The amount of money you can win while using this bonus is limited to a moderately small sum
  • Many websites limit the number of games or tournaments you can use this bonus on
  • Like most of the other bonuses, you need to meet certain terms and conditions before using or withdrawing this bonus

But even with all these restrictions, no deposit bonuses are the perfect way to get your feet wet on a poker website and decide whether you’d like to continue playing using real cash

Welcome Match Deposit Bonus

Every online poker website wants to woo new players to their website and make a deposit. This is where the match deposit bonus comes in. As the name suggests, the welcome match deposit bonus is only given once, so you need to make the most out of it. But how, you ask? Here’s how.

  • Deposit the maximum amount specified in the bonus to receive the maximum bonus amount. For example, if the bonus is 100% match deposit up to £100, make an initial minimum deposit of £100 to receive the full amount
  • You don’t get any extra advantage by depositing more than the bonus amount. Be smart and only claim the maximum bonus. If the deal is good, then continue playing for more bonuses

Second Stop – Loyalty Bonuses

Once you have started playing at the poker site, the marketing team will not want to get hold of you for as long as possible. They’ll do everything within their reach to keep you playing…and on their website of course. With this statement, we come to our second stop – bonuses and promotions aimed at turning tourists into permanent residents.

The Reload Bonus

How cool would it be if the online poker website would give you extra cash each time you make a deposit? Well, this is exactly what some of the UK friendly poker sites do! They’ll award you with what is referred to as a reload or redeposit bonus. Although the reload bonus is not given for every single deposit you make after the first one, it’s a great way to play some extra poker and win money.

Basically, the reload bonus works the same way as the first deposit bonus, albeit in smaller amounts. They are also awarded say for the second, third, fourth or fifth deposits you make at the platform.

Reload bonuses tend to have restrictions that are similar to the welcome bonus offer, including wagering requirements and what games you can use the bonus to play with.

Another important point to take note of as you take a photo of this renowned landmark, most poker sites require you to use a promo code when claiming your reload bonus. If this is the case, ensure you’ve confirmed if the promo code has changed and how you can get the latest one. Will the site send it via SMS or email? Or is it readily available on the website? Mr Turtle has several bonuses codes for awesome tourists. Check them out. (insert link to promo code here)

Loyalty Points

Many poker sites have a points-based loyalty program. Through this, your account is credited with points every time you spend money playing poker games. Once you’ve amassed enough points, you can always convert them to real money. Use this cash to play tournaments, other casino games or simply withdraw the money.

And it doesn’t end with the loyalty points. There are brands that offer players the opportunity to achieve VIP status. Simply wager a certain minimum amount over a period of time and boom…you are in! Most of these VIP programs open up several additional promotions, bonuses and other exciting freebies, exclusive to members.

Third Stop: Tournaments, Freerolls & More

Once you have become a loyal permanent resident of the online poker site, it’s the website’s goal to ensure you are never bored. With this, we come to our final stop on today’s online poker bonuses tour – we have a look at promotions designed to keep things fun and interesting.  

Tournament Promotions

Visit any top UK poker site’s promotion page and you are guaranteed tons of incentives, promotions and guaranteed tournament all there for the winning (and the taking)! Tournament bonuses, especially, are timely, seasonal and are often related to ongoing events in the outside world.

There’s a high chance you’ll see free poker rooms, huge tournament bonuses, promotions specifically for players who play certain tournaments from their mobile devices and tourneys where the top 100 players win. (be sure not to miss massive prizes that come with the tournament jackpots).

One of the factors that make the tournament promotions and bonuses interesting is how they keep changing. Be sure to subscribe to the site’s email to get updates on the latest offering often!


Freerolls are poker tournaments that cost you nothing to enter. You sign up, you play and (if you are skilled enough to enter the list of top players) you win money. Most of the Freerolls are just like the high limit, high rewarding poker tournaments you see online. They use a multi-level structure, have increasing ante bets and blinds and ensure a number of poker players are rewarded at the end.

Beginners consider Freerolls as the ideal way of learning how to play poker. You play poker for free, get an equal chance of winning money and risk nothing in the process. Professional players, on the other hand, view Freerolls as value-packed events, especially those that allow them to win a ticket to the more expensive events. You can easily see this at the renowned World Series of Poker

There’s Plenty More Bonuses and Promotions

Ensure you explore Mr Turtle’s recommended sites for tons of other promotions and bonuses on offer. Depending on the site you visit, you may see bonus codes for free cash, free spins – if the platform has an active casino, and non-cash prizes (such as electronics, holidays, promotional merchandise and tickets to events such as the F1, MotoGP, UEFA Final) and more.  


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