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Here at, the wellbeing and welfare of our readers comes first. And it’s not something that we are saying just to say. We honestly care. This is why we have an amazing team within our small team with expertise in responsible gaming. Their main role? To provide tips regarding how to play responsibly online. They will also highlight some of the organizations where you can seek help in case you need it.

Gaming Online Should Be an Entertaining and Thrilling Venture

As a team, one of our guiding principles is that playing at an online casino or betting online should be a positive or entertaining experience. Sometimes, it can be difficult to control how much you wish to spend and end up exceeding the original limit. The end result is a stressful experience not only to you, but also those around you.

Knowing this, the team at, including the main man, Mr Turtle, has gone an extra mile to provide any of our visitors who cares to read with information necessary for keeping online gambling in check.

Read on to discover more about how you can inform yourself about responsible gambling, and where to turn should you feel the need for help.

First Rule–Be Safe At All Times!

So, there’s high chance you’ve heard about all the excitement and fun going on at the online casinos and wish to try out your luck. That’s awesome! We like you and wish you have all the best as you have the time of your life playing at some of the recommended casinos.

But ahoy, mate, first things first! We would like your ride to be smooth because Mr Turtle and the whole team at cares a great deal about your safety as you spend time at these casinos. We know you can easily get wrapped up in all the fun and excitement and we wouldn’t want you to start spending more money than you can afford!

Have A Peace Of Mind Using The Right Tools

So how do you have a peace of mind while playing casino games online or betting online? Online bookmakers and casinos have several ways of keeping you safe. They have a number of user-friendly tools that can keep you, your friends or loves ones protected from gambling related problems. You can easily set up limits at your own pleasure. You can use the platform’s self-exclusion tool to stop indulging for some time. You can simply contact any one of our team members for advice.

Setting Limits On How You Play At The Casino

Decide the amount of money you wish to spend – make sure you can afford this cash – then pick your limits on your account to ensure your expenditure is within your control. Below are some of the limits that you can set before you start gambling online.

Spending Budget Limit

It limits the amount you wish to spend during a specific period of time. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to make deposits equal to the limits you’ve set. Additionally, you can easily deposit any amount equal to the withdrawal made during this period. For instance, if your have a €50 weekly limit, and happen to withdraw €100 during that week, then you can make a total deposit of €150.

Deposit Limits

Thanks to this, you can only deposit a certain amount of money within a given period. Once you hit the limit, you will not be able to make any deposit into your account until the support team resets this limit. Deposit limits can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, it all depends on your preference.

Loss Limits

It will limit the bet losses you can make based on the bets placed minus wins during a given period. Once you’ve reached the limit, you wont be able to place any new bet or play any casino game for real money until the support team resets the limit.

Wager Limits

Limits the total amount you can spend betting during a certain period. Once the limit is reached, you will not be able to place any new bets until the limit has been reset.

Logged In Time Limit

This limit goes by several other names, including the account activity period. It is a limit that determines the number of hours you remain logged into your account. Once the limit expires, you are automatically logged out. If you are in the middle of a game, the play is paused or completed in the background.

Login Time Block

If you do not want to access your account during certain times of the day or week, this is the limit that you’ll be using. It is useful for those who wouldn’t want to play games while at work or are often engaged in matters that don’t require distraction.


Responsible gambling is knowing the right time to stop. If you believe you are playing too much or your gambling is becoming problematic such that you cannot keep it in check using the tools above, then self-exclusion is a big step for you. Thanks to the self-exclusion tool, you can close your account for a certain period of time. This could be one week, a month, two months, five months or even two years. There is no limit as to how long you can self-exclude.

What’s important to note is that once you set your self exclusion and activate it, you will not be able to access any of the brands services. This includes accessing your account, receiving any email or texts from the operator.

Taking A Short Break From Online Casino Gaming

Do you feel the need to take a short break from online gambling? Perhaps it could be you are feeling uncomfortable with your recent gambling patterns or you just need sometime to focus on other things? Cooling off tool will help you go a long way. Use it to set a time off, which could last for as long as six months. Once this time expires, your account will automatically reopen and you can have full access to the casino’s services.

How do You Play Responsibly Online?

We’d like to share some useful tips on how you can participate in online gambling activities right from the get go. We would like your experience to be thrilling, fun and rewarding from the first day.

  • Step 1: Set up an account at any one of the recommended casinos on our website
  • Step 2: Visit their responsible gambling/game page and look at the tools they have. Familiarize yourself with all the tools
  • Step 3: Contact the support team and ask as many questions as possible – if you have any. Different brands use different tools for their responsible gambling services
  • Step 4: Proceed and use the responsible gambling tools you need. If you are not sure how to set them up, contact the support team and they’ll gladly help you

How To Tell If You Need Help

As part of our responsible gambling guide, we have a list of questions you can use to access and tell whether you, or someone close to you has a gambling problem. And while we encourage you to use it, note that this self-assessment questionnaire is by any means not a psychological, or diagnostic tool. Seek professional advice from specialists using the contacts below. 

  • Do you see gambling as a source of income?
  • Do you always have the urge to go back and win back lost money?
  • Do you feel gambling interferes with your work?
  • Is gambling the only thing you desire to win at?
  • Have you ever found yourself gambling until you ran out of cash?
  • Do people close to you refer to you as a gambler?
  • Have you ever argued with someone because of gambling?
  • Do you feel guilty every time you lose money playing games or betting online?
  • Would you pawn something to get money to go gamble with?
  • Do you celebrate good news by gambling?
  • Has gambling ever made you feel like committing suicide before?
  • Whenever you find yourself stressed out, do you usually go to gamble?
  • Do you usually put “gambling money” separated from household expenditure?

Help And Where To Get It

You are never alone. If you need any form of help to help you get over your problematic gambling, there are plenty of people to hold your hand. From to the online brand you are visiting, there are trained people who are always on standby to answer any question, or offer any advice.

Additionally, there are several organizations that you can contact and get the help you need on the road to recovery. Below are some of the notable examples known internationally:


GamCare is considered as one of the leading global providers of advice, information, support and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of betting problems. One of the beauties of using the services of GamCare is that they use a non-judgmental tactic to tackling gambling.

Gambling Therapy

This is a global service that offers practical guidance and emotional support to anyone affected by problematic gambling. The organization also offers a free application, which comes with a set of tools and information that you can use to identify whether you have a gambling problem. 


This uses a different approach to treating and helping people with problematic gambling. GamTalk, as the name suggests, is a supportive community where people suffering from problematic gambling share their ideas and experiences. If you feel like you are affected or know someone who’s affected, this is the best platform to visit.

Gordon Moody Association

It’s an organization that provides advice, education and top-class therapeutical support to those affected by problematic gambling. Like GamTalk, it extends the help to individuals or if you refer anyone affected by problematic gambling through outreach and residential online services.

Gamblers Anonymous

We can describe it as a fellowship of women and men sharing their experiences, strengths and hope with each other that they will defeat a common enemy – problematic gambling. You can get support by visiting the official website here >>


Offer players and bettors efficient software that prevents them from accessing bookmakers and online casinos. The software is simple to use and it works mostly by preventing users from becoming gambling addicts.

Remember - Whatever You Do, Gamble Responsibly!

On our way out, we have one message to all our readers, whoever and wherever you are, while playing or betting online, just ensure you do it responsibly! It is never about the cash, but we understand it’s easy for you to lose yourself to the game while at it. If this happens to you, just ensure you get help. Never be ashamed. Be safe!


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